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I meant to post this concurrent with the fic (AoOO link, DW link), obviously, but, well, fail happens.

imaginary boys graphic

Cam: Housewife (Jay Brannan, wma)
Cam: Ring of Fire (cover, Lucy Kaplansky)
Shannon: Johnny's Garden (cover, Ana Egge)
Shannon: This Must Be the Place (cover, Shawn Colvin)
Cam: Crash into Me (cover, Stevie Nicks, m4a)
Cam: The Scientist (cover, Aimee Mann)
Shannon: Free Fallin' (cover, Stevie Nicks, m4a)
Shannon: If You Want to Sing Out (cover, Daisy Mayhem)
Cam: Freight Train (cover, Kasey Chambers)
Cam: Maid of Orleans (OMD) (my mental vid for the story is to this song)
Shannon: Orphan Girl (cover, Alathea)
Shannon: Tuesday's Dead (cover, Catie Curtis)

Bonus track: Poker Face (Lady Gaga) (I DL'd [personal profile] crysothemis's vid to this song, and even though it's McShep, it was a great study of Sheppard's facial expressions that really helped me see Shannon.)

Super amazing track: Solitary Man as performed by Argosy. This was posted while I was writing the story, and it went immediately onto my playlist. So, so awesome!

on 2010-06-07 03:12 pm (UTC)
perspi: (Sheppard)
Posted by [personal profile] perspi
See, now that I've read and reread the fic, every time Bif Naked's I Love Myself Today comes on my playlist, I TOTALLY think it's a Shannon song. :)

on 2010-06-07 09:16 pm (UTC)
perspi: (Glee)
Posted by [personal profile] perspi
Oh, you're welcome! It's a great song to have as an earworm, I agree--I put it on while working out in the morning, and it makes for a confident day, I find. :)

Thank you for sharing your songs! I will listen when I get to the home computer...


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